I am so grateful for the help from Lori Hansen who has a business helping seniors. Lori has been my feet on the ground with my Aunt and her husband when I couldn’t be. She goes above and beyond assisting with many different services.

(L. King, Edmonton, Alberta)
— L. King, Edmonton, Alberta
Lori is a very details-oriented person. She is very organized, trustworthy and kind ... perfect attributes in a personal concierge for yourself or your older loved one. She is a safe and attentive driver and will make you feel comfortable as she helps you run your errands, or take you to appointments, for example. An avid traveller, she is superb at making travel arrangements and booking suitable itineraries and activities for you. Using her creative instincts and practicality, she is happy to help you with your shopping and errands as well. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for personal concierge services for seniors.
— W. Polley, Calgary, Alberta
I have known and worked with Lori for over 20 years. She is honest, dependable, meticulous, very kind and caring. Anyone hiring her will get first rate service for themselves or their loved ones. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone I know.
— I. Rowat, Airdrie, Alberta
If there is anyone out there who feels swamped with day to day tasks or just finds it difficult to get out and about, please call Lori and ask her about her services. I’ve known Lori for many years and have never met anyone as caring, responsible and reliable as her company, Service Outside the Line! This can be something from helping your parent or grandparent to get groceries to getting you or a loved one to their appointments on time. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting or needing this service!
— Dr. T. Taylor, Eye Q Optometry, Calgary, Alberta
I can’t think of anyone more giving and professional to provide these kind of services. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lori for almost two decades she is one of the most caring and motivating people I know. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services.
— S. Harding, Lethbridge, Alberta
I have known Lori for many years. Lori is thoughtful and enthusiastic when it comes to her personal and work life. I believe Lori’s business “Service Outside the Line” is a creative/concierge style business that is helpful to us all who are balancing family, careers, aging parents and general busy lives. I wish Lori continued success with her exciting business.
— M. Mylett, Calgary, Alberta